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Hi there! My name is Maria Blount and I would like to Welcome you to Blunt Designz! The perfect place to let your imagination run wild! I am a graphic designer, photographer and artist! Creativity has always been my strong point so if that’s some thing you lack, sit back and relax! I got you! Let me break down my business for you into 3 parts.



Professional quality designs guaranteed every time. Specializing in:

• Logos  • Business Cards  • Flyers  • Banners  • Marketing Materials

• Billboards  • T-Shirt Designs  • Tattoo Designs  • Etc.


Not in my area? That 's okay! I have designed for individuals

and businesses in New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Utah, South Dakota, Florida, Etc.

We can either arrange a time to FaceTime, talk on the phone, or even

just text depending on what YOU prefer! 

CLICK HERE to see my graphic design gallery.



Creating memories to last a lifetime! Most photographers want to

charge an arm and a leg for very small amounts of photos. Where as I

want to assure that I will not only provide you with a wide selection but

also provide full rights to the photos without watermarks.


CLICK HERE to view pricing and see my photography gallery.


Self taught spray paint artist. Still learning, obviously. Trying my

hardest to create beautiful things, one spray at a time. Contact

to purchase! Serious inquires only. Shipping available across U.S.

• Gallery Coming Soon •


Blunt Designz was established in June of  2017.  Blount (my last name) is French and 

isn’t pronounced how it’s spelt. The “o” is silent. I knew if I named my 

business Blount Designz no one would ever pronounce it correctly. 

I wanted that to be the name but didn’t want to constantly have

to correct people. So I took out the “o”. Which then becomes Blunt.



Yup. That’s when I knew it was meant to be. It was the perfect 

name to describe the business I wanted to run. I am up front and

honest with all of my customers. Oh, and the “z” in designs. Yeah,

that is just cause I wanted it to be different and unique. I love it!



I am 26 years old and I have been doing graphic design for a total of twelve years and photography for six years. I have a dog, a cat and two beautiful bunnies! I was born and raised in a small town in New Mexico (Yes, New Mexico is part of the United States of America!), but moved across the country to Florida! 

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